This is how Religion Blinds your Humanity and Decency

robin scott

Allallt in discussion

I commented recently on post called “Mild Paedophilia in Light of Atheism1. The post decried Dawkins for his use of the phrase “mild paedophilia”, and I didn’t mention in the comment that without context the phrase may have been entirely legitimate2. What I did mention is that the blogger was being inconsistent: where the blogger would not accept Dawkins’ suggestion of some sort of low-level and culturally acceptable paedophilia (via some sort of history-based moral revisionism), the blogger himself is at no odds with the slavery of the Bible. When I pointed this out I got some predictable excuses and responses, so I wish to discuss them on my blog. I’ll quote the blogger and then respond. If you are worried about me taking him out of context, the source material is linked at the top3.

“A popular critique of the Biblical…

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