robin scott

The Labrat's Escape

There is absolutely a problem with a World that has such a high rate of child abuse,  and it is not brought out as much as it should be because this is organized and high up.  It was popular  back in the days of Babylon,  it continued with this insane abuse in the Vatican of all places,  and now it shows up in high members of our Society just like thousands of years ago….

i cannot say enough about how sad and disturbing this all is,  but these people are not just isolated weirdos,  which there are.  They are rich and famous and are connected.   Would it be a crazy thought,  since thee people are already acting Evil and insane,  to think there were Rituals going on?  Like the old days….

i really believe there are Rituals going on….Researchers have made many connections between Aliens and Children,  and not…

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