And here is comes… #Cameron’s back-door tactic to get control of #UK #internet

Order Of Truth

We don’t like to say it – but we told you so!

5EAEA6F0-BB02-1907-EE2836C4FFAC8993-289192In our article posted on the 16th July, we informed you of how Cameron has been exposed as a liar in a letter he secretly sent to internet service providers concerning the control of internet content, and how he was using children and pornography to raise his political profile.

We also informed you of how Cameron and his cronies would use the subject of children and pornography and claim that internet service providers were not doing enough to control content, when in FACT they are, and use the subject as a way to introduce back-door internet control.

Well it seems to have happened.

Cameron has planted the seed of legislating the internet during an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show, in which Cameron said “…but there is also the option of introducing stronger laws…

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