Female NZ pedophile gets only 22 month sentence


COGnitive DISsonance



The title of this article is speculative regarding the sentence imposed based on previous similar case.

I think story the original from the New Zealand Herald gives the greatest level of detail on the case so far.

Read the story and be suitably horrified, them re-read the story with the genders reversed. I think you will find the level of outrage will increase.

Notice the word pedophile was not used once in the story. Curiously under NZ law women cannot even be charged with rape.

If a 36 year old man has non consensual sex with an 11 year old girl, you can be sure he would go to prison for a very long time.

But if a woman does it,  it is treated as a lesser offense, why?

This is cognitive dissonance and  the cultural Marxism of feminism, which always want to paint a picture of men…

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