Anti-Gay Activist Lisa Biron Found Guilty Of Child Pornography After Video Taping Daughter

Pedophiles - The Rape of Innocence

Lisa Biron, a New Hampshire lawyer who worked with an anti-gay Christian-right organization, has been found guilty of child pornography after she videotaped her own daughter having sex with two men on several occasions.
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pedophile Lisa Biron

This is beyond depraved. And she looks like an ordinary woman, right? Sometimes those who bark the loudest have the most to hide. I am so disgusted with this mutant I feel sick to my stomach. Anti-gay Christian-right organization huh? What a freaking hypocrite! She got 25 years. (I’d prefer death but that’s just me.) I hope her child gets the help and love she needs.

And homosexuality and pedophilia are NOT linked. My twins are gay and they aren’t pedophiles. The stupidity and hate spewed by some “christians” disgusts me. That’s why I don’t do religion.

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