Sir, I Believe I Am Far Too Young For You

Complaints Of A Teenager

I’ve lived in my neighborhood for as long as I can walk and I can say that it’s an okay neighborhood. Everything is within reach, we got the subway a few blocks down, bus stop right outside our front door, a deli on every street, and a laundromat on every two.

There is just one thing that has only been the same and I’m not sure when it will change. Pedophiles.

Personally, I’ve never seen them actually do any harm, but I just find them downright creepy.

Do they not have lives or wives to go home to? And if they don’t have wives, shouldn’t they be looking for one that’s… oh I don’t know, NOT A TEENAGE GIRL TRYING TO GET TO SCHOOL??

The other day I was walking to the subway to get to school and I was totally minding my own business. Seriously, it’s not I like…

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One comment on “Sir, I Believe I Am Far Too Young For You

  1. juddin97 says:

    Thanks for the reblog! Really means alot

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