Pedophiles Rejoice



So, the availability of pregnancy prevention pill Plan B to girls and women is actually about easing the fears of predators and rapists? Rapists, who by Ingraham’s estimation, dose victims with Plan B then make a follow-up visit with them 12 hours later for the second pill. By the way, any adult could purchase Plan B, it was just made available to minors so it actually has no effect on Ingraham’s theory that pedophiles were just waiting for the chance to dose the chocolate milk, so to speak.

As for her concern about the health of women and girls that take Plan B, Dr. Nancy Stanwood, chair of Physicians for Reproductive Health, said in a statement released today:

Multitudes of studies have demonstrated that emergency contraception is safe for use by teens of all ages and that teens, like adults, can follow the instructions safely. Too many women in the U.S. have gone without this necessary medication because the pharmacy counter is closed, they don’t have government-issued ID, or they’re under 17 and lack a prescription.

I think I’ll put my faith in the physician and not the pundit. Robin


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