What can society gain by accepting pedophilia as they have homosexuality?

Sayuri Smith Says...

Many people feel they are born with their sexual orientation and preferences. This is the very popular argument for supporting the Gay Rights Movement. Some people who do not agree with the lifestyle worry about future generations and how putting homosexuality in children’s company will affect him. Some homosexuals describe occurrences which occurred in the their childhood as a reason why they have different sexual preferences, i.e. molestation, inappropriate touching by adults.

This argument makes me wonder why people can’t see how homosexuality is linked to pedophilia. Years ago, homosexuality was not spoken about by the mainstream media, not to say that it did not exist, but it was kept quiet and pushed into the dark and kept quiet. Gay people kept their sex lives secret (as all sexual activities and fetishes should be). After reading an article about pedophiles writing their struggle in the diary of the homosexual, I…

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