Are Pedophiles Funny?

sexual abuse are pedophiles funny


Chester the Molester

Hustler magazine was thought by many to be obscene. In the Supreme Court case (and major motion picture) The People vs. Larry Flynt, however, it was Larry Flynt who won. Flynt claimed the victory on behalf of the people and the Constitution.

Hustler had a cartoon character which regularly appeared in its pages called Chester the Molester. Chester the Molester so permeated certain parts of the culture that “Chester” became a pejorative label for anyone in prison on a sex offense against a minor. Chesters were (and still are) considered to be at the bottom of the prison pecking order (along with snitches).

In that situation things had a happy ending: pedophiles were laughed at in the comic strip, but the character making them laugh was considered so odious that the name was transferred to an entire class of convict considered to be the lowest…

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