Catholics in Bolivia celebrate “Day of the skulls”

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One a year, the Roman Catholics take their skulls of their alters and parade them in public.

The Catholic Church in Bolivia is the most pagan institution on the Western hemisphere.  Not only do the Catholics in Bolivia keep skulls of their deceased family members inside their houses. They even put them up on the House altars, to be venerated and adored together with crucifixes and various Papal approved Madonna’s.

The most bizarre day on the Bolivian year, is the day the streets are full of decorated skulls. That is “The Day of the skulls”.

On this day, the Catholics in Bolivia carry skulls into a church to be blessed at the General Cemetery in La Paz. Lets take a look at some pictures:

It has to be mentioned that the Vatican do not recognize the Day of the skull.

But the leadership of the Roman Catholic Church has…

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